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Not Your Usual Reward System – This is unique!

PayDay rewards you BNB daily at the rate of 3% return. This means that by investing and compounding your profit, your return is multiplied. For example if you were to invest $1000, after 1 month your profit will be approximately $1457 (that’s nearly $50 a day), this is thanks to our unique contract.

The concept is simple. You “hire” employee in your virtual office. There more you hire (buying with BNB) the more staff you have, the more money you make.

The BNB you invest cannot be withdrawn, however your can be, and the ROI simply make up for it within a month. This unique system keeps the price inflated.

A custom dapp will be developed to provide an easy method for hiring staff, plus an option to gain additional bonuses via inbuilt game & advertising.

If you’re looking for a new long term profitable investment, then join the company, start hiring and get PAYD.

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